Secutor - a fantasy coop action game.

Secutor is the name for a gladiator with magic abilities. The audience likes to see famous battles recreated with wizards, conjurers or elementarists, as the light effects are especially good when they fight.

Now, you can play a Secutor, collect up to 23 spells and play with up to 4 friends online. Round by round, enemies will get tougher, their formations will change, but you might regain your complete health.

When you survive a round, that is.

Different Spells.

The basic spells categories include lances, area spells, charge attacks, light sabers, shields and support spells. Each spell has a different purpose - like jab attacks with light sabers or area nukes for the occasional "oh shit" situation. Find out what a spell is used for and how to combine them to create perfect attack combos.

Effects - visual and ingame.

Each spell applies a negative effect to the enemy. This may reduce speed, turning rate, cancel the enemies attack or even push him back. Play the game using mouse and wasd buttons, or use a game controller (tested with xbox controller).

Set your spell configuration.

Every time an enemy is defeated, you gain a new spell. You can configure 4 spells using the y key / controller button. Each spells has a cast time and only one spell may be actively casted.

Coop Support (Internet).

Host a game for up to five players. Help each other and try to survive each wave. At least one player must be alive at the end of a round.


Some ingame screenshots.


Secutor is available on windows platforms. You can download an installer based version or a zip-based one. The installer will put the program in your programs menu. The zip must be extracted and you must click "Secutor.exe" to start the program.

Direct download - no registration.


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